Timber Shed Renovation

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  • Emerald State Painting-Timber Shed-Before-1
  • Emerald State Painting-Timber Shed-After-2
  • Emerald State Painting-Timber Shed-Before-2

Having enlisted Emerald State Painting to complete the painting of their house, The Macias family in South San Jose hired the team to complete the restoration of their timber garden shed. The shed was in poor condition and needed special attention and care. Following a good sanding, filling, and priming, Emerald State Painting applied 2 full coats of the same colors that were used on the house.

Evan and his team painted my parents’ house and did an amazing job. He hand painted my parents’ two story house twice over and came back a few days later to make sure nothing was left unpainted. His attention to detail and dedication to making sure that his clients are satisfied is what made my parents ask him to come back and paint their back shed. He did an amazing job with that as well even adding the creative spark of matching the shed with the house.

Brittany Macias, San Jose House and Timber Shed Renovation